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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 14, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ tonight the face faces of ds of people simply out to have a good time with friends when they became victims of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. boom, boom, boom. three shots right then and the there. >> youngest victim a stand out student, athlete from philadelphia. it's too shocking, you know, you were talking to her just last week and now she's gone. actually horrific manner. >> investigators looking into other tourist on the spots the gunman may have been targeting.
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nation still in shock after one gunman killed 49 people and hurt more than 50 others. here in philadelphia, skyfox oversight hall tonight where thousands gathered to honor the 49 people tilled and dozens hurt. similar scene around the country and world tonight from d.c. to new york to london, moments of silence and can light vigils as people come together to grieve and show their support. good evening, i'm iain page. lucy noland is off tonight new details are still coming out tonight. here's what we know right now. within just the last half hour, authorities released the final aim of the 49 people killed in that orlando nightclub almost all of the victims are young adults. all of their bodies have been removed from the nightclub ton night investigators say there's no evidence the shooter was directed by isis. the fbi is looking into whether he also scouted out disneyworld for a possible attack. among those killed a promising student athlete from west catholic prep high school in philadelphia. 18-year-old akyra murray
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graduated last week and was set to go to mur see hertz college on a full athletic scholarship. with akyra was our fox 29 intern patience carter who's recovering in the hospital tonight. shawnette wilson was at tonight's vigil at city hall and spoke to former teammates of a kyra but we start with our chris o'connell live in orlando. chris, you spoke to a local woman who came face to face with the shooter. >> reporter: chilling words, iain. victims from philadelphia all came down here for a family vacation. three of them young women went out one night simply to go have fun, go be the girls and go dancing. they were shot on the bathroom floor of pulse nightclub. tonight we spoke with one of them who survived. some of the details are graphic. >> out here enjoying vacation with my many pal. that's all we were doing. >> reporter: having fun. >> having fun. >> reporter: night outwit girls turned into a bloody
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massacre. tiara parker from southwest philadelphia lived to tell about it after being shot in the stomach. >> we were all haas hostages in the bathroom i laying in blood. i body fragments on me. somebody's face was blown off. >> chilling words from a woman who spent three hours as a hostage inside pulse nightclub during the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> i could hear him talking. i don't have a problem with black people. he said it's not personal. i'm just tired of people killing my people ooh iraq. >> parker was with her cousin 18 akyra murray and fox 29 intern patience carter all three were shot in a bathroom. murray is stand out at west catholic prep was begging the gunman omar mateen to let her go. >> my cousin she got hit in the arm schenn was begging him, please, we got hit, plea, plea please. >> police broke through a wall to rescue victims but it wasn't too late for murray. she died at the hospital.
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parker says she believes other people were involved in the shooting and says she'll forever be haunted by the look in the killer's eyes. >> i seen him peek under the stall and look me in my face and from then i thought my life was over. after they said something about him having enough bombs to take out a city block. >> reporter: parker says she is happy to be alive but still having a tough time dealing with the loss of her cousin. now coming up later on in the newscast, we're going to speak with the parents of akyra murray about the unspeakable loss of their daughter. iain. >> chris, just tragic. thank you so much. as chris told us fox 29 intern patience carter was among those wounded in orlando. she was at pulse nightclub when the shooter opened fire she was shot in the leg her family tells us she's had surgery season in stable condition. patience spoke with fox 29's human resource director tonight. >> patience was in surgery last night until about 12:30am.
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her aunt indicated that she may have been shot near her knee so i believe that it was knee surgery. i believe that's the extent of hers physical injury but the emotional injury is obviously going to be deeper than that. >> of course we're all praying for her speedy recovery. as the city of orlando mourns tonight so do people around the world and in philadelphia. let's get out to shawnette wilson whose is live outside philadelphia city hall tonight where hundreds gathered earlier to remember the victims. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, as you can imagine there was not a dry eye in the crowd. if there was, it is because a lot of people say they are numb. still in shock over what happened. behind me, that vigil has wrapped up. but quite a few people still remain to remember those victims including a young girl from right here in philly. >> yes your own personal way in moment of silence. >> reporter: hundreds of people in mourning stood outside city hall for a vigil to stand in solidarity witness victims of the orlando nightclub massacre.
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>> paul terrell henry, akyra murray. >> reporter: the names of the victims were read as the sound of grief echoed across the crowd. akyra murray was the last name read philadelphia's own 18 years old. she graduated last monday from west catholic prep high school. honors student head to do college on a full athletic scholarship. >> that was a beautiful athlete. i watched her play. >> angela is a close friend of the family and relayed a chilling conversation she had with akyra's mother. >> called her parents shed is he had been shot and she was blee bleeding. she needed help. >> akyra's teammates huddled struggling to stand tall for their friend and grieving family. >> really going to be missed. her mother is going to need all of your prayers. >> members.
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lgbtq community vowed to stay united. >> i think it's important that we're seen and heard and people know we're here and you can't hurt us without us getting together and saying something about it. >> the terror attacks that happened targeted people to fry and erase us to try to tell us hour love was unworthy, that we did not exist. but look around us. we exist. and we exist beautifully and we exist in power. >> reporter: vigil ended solemnly with a march around city hall. led by akyra murray's teammates. >> and back here live, candles remain it will outside city hall as a safe space for people to come to remember and grieve. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. there is word tonight that the man who opened fire inside the orlando gay nightclub may have scouted another popular florida
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park for possible attacks. there are reports including one from the wall street journal omar mateen eyed downtown disney a location for an a task the reports cites law enforcement sources but the dbi are still working to confirm that. other publications claimed he recently visited the park with his wife. meanwhile the shooter's father is condemning the actions of his son. >> as a father, i don't want any father to go through what we are going through. i don't approve what he did, what he did was completely act of terrorist. >> the father also wished a speedy recovery to all of those still recovering from their injuries. president obama met with security officials at the white house today to discuss the tragic massacre in orlando sitting alongside vice-president joe biden, fbi director james comey and homeland security jay johnson. ed president expressed his condolences to victims and
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families and then said it's time to have tough conversations about access to guns in this country. >> what's apparently required to wait three days under florida law. but it does indicate the degree it was not difficult for him to obtain these kinds of weapons. >> the president says investigators will look to find out what the motive visions were the shooters and consider all possibility. our coverage continues tomorrow morning. when you get up at 7:00 a.m. hear had a forty three a former secret service agent who trains police around the country oh respond to shootings like this. break to go night news of another act tiff shooter situation at a park in a rural area of west virginia. there are reports that three people are dead and the shooter in that case is still on the loose. details are still breaking and all we have confirmed tonight police are looking for a man in a white pick up. now on to your fox 29 weather authority.
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the chill in the air tonight taking live look from wilmington right now. we're in the low 70s. kathy it feels like the start of fall, not summer. >> it does with those cool, crisp nights, iain. right now at least we don't have the wind at the airport. our camera not shaking the temperature 74. the high 78. the air is very dry with a dew point of 48, and that is why it feels so cool and comfortable. pottstown, trenton the 60s. 67 in allentown. 50's in the poconos and that's where many of us are headed overnight. we do have some clouds moving across the region skies will be clearing overnight. and allow temperatures to fall. in philadelphia, come the morning 60 degrees. pottstown 58. 51 in the poconos. 61 in millville a cool start to the day. the good news the winds will weaken so we have a light wind on tap during the day tomorrow. the heat will be peeking by midweek and then we look for more showers before father's day. we'll take look at that all important weekend coming up later in the broadcast. >> all right kathy. remember arising star from south jersey friends, family and
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entire community show up to remember christina grimmie. what her brother told the crowd he remembers most about her sister. >> windows smashed into a ymca that came barreling into a room feet away from a sleeping toddlers. >> ar-15 assault rifle is the weapon of choice for so many gunmen.
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♪ (bell tolls). the manayunk community remembering those killed in orlando. the bells at saint tim moment's rinking dozens of times. once for each life taken in the deadliest mass shooting that our country has ever seen. in gloucester township the community doing what they can to help victims of the orlando shooting. camden county college students, staff and neighbors coming out to donate blood for victims. the red cross while they don't use give blood to the orlando area they are assisting hospitals in the area in response to the shooting. philadelphia underneath community came together to condemnly violence in orlando. muslim, jewish, christian leaders as well as city officials and members of the lgbt community speaking today at the friends center on cherry street. the theme of today's press conference was stopping all hate including the scapegoating of american muslims. lgbt later saying it's important to recognize their community was
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targeted. >> we're part of this society. so are christians, so are jews, so are the muslim community. we all have to learn to live together. i thought, no, we're not going to run and hide. we'll be louder. we'll show our pride. and we're going to fight to make it a whole community. not just separated by hate. >> the conference was hosted by care counsel si on air islamic relations. of course our coverage continues online from the newest information about the shooting and the victims to a slide show of all the images coming out of orlando head to now developing story tonight in evesham township a vigil being held tonight for singer christina grimmie. in her south jersey hometown the 22-year-old was murdered in a separate act of violence in orlando. among those at the vigil for the voice finalist her brother who tackled the gunman right after he shot at christina. dave stratt wise sr. was there for the emotional tribute to the young star and joins us loo you have in evesham township tonig
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tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, over 800 people gathered here tonight for a candlelight gentlemenville to remember christina's live and mourn her death. there were lots of touching moments tonight but none more touching when her brother marcus took the microphone. >> she chased a dream and she did what she wanted to do. >> they came bite hundreds to remember south jersey singing sensation christina grimmie in her hometown moon night. tears and candle light flood the park where fans and friends mourned the 22-year-old's death friday night. she loved this town. she loved this state. she loved singing. she loved the lord. and she loved me. >> when you lose a shining star that was 22 years old 32 out her, hooks had her entire life ahead of her living her dream because she work so hard for it, it's devastate to go all of us. >> reporter: grimmie was gunned down after a concert in orlando just hours before 49 people were massacr massacred ia
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nightclub in the worst mass shooting in american history. those who came to reflect on christina's live and mourn over her violent death spoke glowingly of the marlton native. >> she died doing what she loved but she shouldn't have, like, went so soon. she was approachable. she was loveable. she was bright. she had a heart that came through in everything she did. >> christina graduated from cherokee high school and had attended fellowship alliance chapel in medford before she and her family moved to la. her career took off. she was a youtube sensation an finalist on the voice in 2014. she was attending a fan meeting greet when 27-year-old gunman kevin, took her life. police have not released a motive. her brother marcus helped apprehend the gunman. >> so courageous for what he d did. he obviously saved many more lives. but what he did was amazing. >> assistant pastor don hay spoke about christinass passion for god and music. they played her rendition of christ alone here during
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services over the weekend. >> she knew who she was and she knew what mattered most. >> she was awesome. so my player, too. >> christina's coach on the voice adam levine offered to pay for her funeral. gofundme page raised over $125,000 so far. her brother said tonight that she is in a better place and he said if she saw all of these people gathered on baseball field in evesham, she would have thought it was awesome. awesome indeed. iain. >> absolutely, dave. thank you. in pennsauken, police say a man died after driving a car into a vacant home it happened on the skate hundred block of rosemont avenue around 12:15 this afternoon. the driver identified as 41-year-old quinn dell riley was pronounced dead at the scene. the passenger in the car was in the hospital in stable condition. just what caused that crash is still under investigation. closing arguments began dat in the corruption trial of u.s.
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representative chaka fattah. >> reporter: will you take the stand. >> fattah ignoring questions from our jeff cole as he entered the federal courthouse in center city today. the government says fattah stole tax, grander and campaign money to pay in part for a million dollar illegal campaign loan. the defense argued today there's no evidence fattah newt illegal loan and claimed he's innocent. arguments continue tomorrow. >> now to a case of someone throwing a bottle at first baseman ryan howard. police say sidney smith of wilmington, delaware, turned himself in to south detectives friday. the 21-year-old was issued a citation for diss orally conduct and they then released howard was not actually hit by the aluminum beer bottle which was thrown back on june 4th. in chester the police department is launching a body camera program. a group of 10 officers have volunteered to wear the cameras during a trial period. this process will allow them to try out different models and
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brands of cameras. it's only a pilot program but the mayor says he hopes it will bring transparency and trust to chester communities. >> our goal here is concerning public safety. it's to better serve and protect all of our residents. we strongly believe that creat creating and engaging new practices will help to create a level of transparency and credibility between our community and police department. >> the cost to outfit the entire department with body cameras is between 70 and $100,000. the city is working now to raise those funds. twitter getting a state leader in texas in trouble tonight after yesterday's mass shooting. his tweet a bible verse what so many found so offensive they want him to resign. the man who sold the orlando shooter his weapons speaking to night. why he says he did absolutely nothing wrong. and the world standing in union any son to honor the victims orlando how nations around the
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globe are showing their support. now, with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. i'm sue serio bob kelly taking a couple of days off. we want to let you know about this going on tomorrow on rout route 322 eastbound this is in pennsylvania near that aston media area it's between cherry tree road and 452. putting up signs so the right lane will be closed between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. italian festival s in wilmingt wilmington, delaware, going on through all week long through sunday the 19th at saint anthony's church. park at the waterfront and they'll shuttle bus to you ninth street. believe me the food is worth it we've got the weather for this event and so much more coming up tomorrow we get started at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ new details tonight about an arrest right ahead of a california gay pride event. the 20-year-old was arrested yesterday in santa monica with three assault rifles. high capacity magazines and ammunition and explosive chemicals. court records show the indiana man was accused twice of threatening people with gun last year. he was charged with intimidation in the second case and reached a plea deal he was on probation and prohibited from having any
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weapons. the lieutenant governor of texas dan patrick coming under fire for what he tweeted just hours after the mass shooting in orlando. he sent out a tweet with a bible verse that said man reaps what he sos it's sparked outrage by members of the lgbd community. patrick removed the sweet and then posted on facebook the tweet was actually scheduled back on thursday and was not meant to judge anyone person or group of people. the owner of the florida gun store where authorities say the orlando shooter bought his weapons is talking tonight saint lucy shooting owner ed henson told the two guns to mateen legal until his store. mateen bought a handgun an long gun a week apart according to the owner. authorities combed the inside of the store as part of the on-going investigation into the shooting. the store owner says he followed the law when selling the guns to mateen. >> this man held multiple security licenses. he had an armed and unarmed license. he pass add background check
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that every single person that purchase as firearm in the state of florida undergoes. >> the atf confirm the guns were bought legally. mateen had no criminal history and despite being on the fbi's radar he was legally allowed to buy firearms. young people from philadelphia in that orlando nightclub when gunshots rang out. coming up we talk to the parents of a promising young student athlete now gone much too soon and she has one of the most popular voices in the world and adele just used it to honor the victims of the shootingings in orlando. you'll see the emotion moment. kathy. >> in weather we have a few clouds in our weather picture. these will dissipate clearing out and warming up over the next couple of days before the rain moves in. we'll 1 underline
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>> a nation in mourning and standing together with orlando. vigil there tonight filled with flowers, cards and hope for the city now tied to the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. video caught the horrifying moment the gunman opened fire
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inside pulse nightclub. that video was posted to facebook bite friend of one of the victims. it comes from series of snap chat videos she took during her night out. you may fine this video distur disturbing. >> i'm at the club. (gunfire). >> the video taken by amanda, she posted the videos throughout the night showing her and her friends having a good time but the last one you can hear the gunfire in the background and amanda piss whispers shooting before the video cuts out. amanda was identified this morning as one of the 49 victims killed in the shooting. even though we're thousand miles from orlando that shooting is hitting home for many here especially friends of those hurt. fox 29's bill anderson spoke to friends of local people in the nightclub yesterday. >> reporter: with all the names of the victims of the mass shooting in orlando now
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confirmed, people across the country are dealing with the aftermath of an unprovoked and unexplainable attack. although the effect is national it's not global. several local residents were impacted by this attack as well. >> he was shot in the foot and knee. he got surgery and thin he posted a video saying he was going to be okay. >> wilson alvarez told me his best angel santiago recently moved to orlando he feels extremely lucky that angel survived being shot but he's like so many wondering if this terror attack indicates the lgbt community can't even be safe going out to dance. >> i think i speak for everybody. when we go out we just want to have fun. hang out with friends. not like -- now we got to worry, like, we're going to get killed. >> tim stevens had self friends in the pulse nightclub saturday. the confusion of getting out information led aisle him to believe his friend darrell had survived. unfortunately that turn out not
3:31 am
to be the case. >> what i heard was darrell was shot but in the hospital. and then later on in the night we got like a group message on facebook saying darrell was killed. >> reporter: like so many others tim has now lost friends to a mad man but as he and other members of the lgbt community live on they're still looking for answer to the same questions so many of us have. why? >> everyone right now is thinking why is this happening to a group of people who don't do harm, you know, nobody like -- nobody is trying to bother anyone with their lifestyle or anything. no one is trying to hurt anyone. just trying to live their lives. >> reporter: honestly who knows if we'll ever know the reason behind this senseless killing but one theme that everyone i spoke to seemed to expressed they hope through this we have better understanding. we heal. we unite. so that hopefully this type of thing never happens again. in the newsroom, i'm bill
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anderson, fox 29 news. as our crews in orlando learn details about yesterday's tragic terror attack check our website first for any updates. ♪ now back to your fox 29 weather authority. kathy, what's on our radar tonight. beautiful out. it is beautiful out there. temperatures in the 70ss the 60s and much more winter to talk about tonight with low humidity all down to 57 in the poconos. 67 in allentown and in philadelphia 74. down the shore temperatures little bit cooler with an ocean influence avalon and wildwood in the 60s in ocean city on the boards it is 71. we will watch high pressure build in from the north and to the south. and that means plenty of clear skies low humidity and a perfect day with a temperature right around 80 degrees. once these high pressure systems move off the coast that will allow some rain to move in. so no rape for tuesday or wednesday. the best threat will be thursday rain is likely and then a chance of a lingering morning shower for your friday. as we go hour by hour, we'll start tomorrow night with a few
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clouds moving n thursday morning expect a showers to move in to the delaware valley by the morning rush. the ref yesterday rain still to the west near harrisburg at 7:00 a.m. then it moves through mid to late morning and by the afternoon it will be moving offshore. so some showers to the west. could impact the u.s. open golf tournament thursday afternoon. we'll keep a careful eye on that. overnight clear and comfortable clouds will be dissipating. 61 in the city. 56 in the suburbs. a light wind not blustery any more. northwesterly winds at 5 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow it is flag day the temperature 80 degrees a mix of sun and clouds. another keeper. northwesterly winds five to 10 miles per hour. so really a perfect 10. on our seven day forecast from your fox 29 weather authority, 80 degrees for tuesday. wednesday 85. that is the peak of the warmth. then our front moves through from the west thursday we get the showers it's cooler. friday morning shower is possible. but most of the day dry. saturday looks good and look at father's day for all of our dads
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and grand dads and dads to be. pretty nice. sunday the temperature 82 degrees. by monday, 84. if you're planning a trip down the shore maybe you took next week off or father's day high temperatures will be in the mid 70s which is perfect shore weather with a nice sea breeze. enjoy it. >> beautiful. thank you kathy. >> you bet. windows smashed at a local ymca what came barreling into the room just feet from a bunch of sleeping toddlers. the it's world standing in union any son to honor victims orlan orlando. how nations around the globe are showing their support. she has one of the most popular voices in the world and adele just used it to honor the victims of the shootings in
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♪ a classroom full of toddlers at the pottstown ywca had their nap time cut short after a deer smashed through their classroom window. officials from the facility tell us teachers scrambled to get the kids out. nobody was hurt. except for the deer it ended up
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jumping out another window when authorities tried to agent. officials later found the deer nearby unfortunately it died. a new jersey forest fire that started yesterday is now 80% contained. the fire covered 357 acres. roads that had to be closed as do's forest service personnel and volunteers battled the flames are now back open but the fire is expected to keep burning because conditions are so warm and dry. ♪ in your money tonight if you take septa, you'll have a new way to pay for your bus fare. septa rolling out it's new key card system starting today. up to 10,000 septa customers will get the chance to be part of pilot program. the electronic fare card will eventually replace passes and those old tokens. use your credit card at the kiosks to buy the new card in the coming week. equality florida lgbt civil rights group started a gofundme
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page. so far people have donated nearly $3 million on the site. the group is working with the national center for victims of crime. that's the same group that helped deploy funds to the victims of the all right roar rah colorado theater shooting. global super star adele got emotional at a show in belgium last night talking about the tragedy in orlando. (inaudible). >> the singer dedicated the entire show to everybody who was inside the nightclub when those shots were fired. young people from philadelphia in that orlando nightclub when gunshots ring out. next, we talk to the parents of a promising young student athlete now gone too soon. and yet another mass shooting with the same type of weapon. ar-15. why experts say the assault
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♪ as the world mourns for the victims of the deadly terror attack in orlando, florida, vigils are popping up across the delaware valley. this one was held tonight at trolley square in wilmington, delaware. a couple of dozen people lighting candles and laying flowers for the dozens of lives
3:43 am
lost. one of the victims in the terror attack in orlando 18-year-old akyra murray from philadelphia. tonight we're hearing from her devastated parents. they talked to our chris o'connell and he's live in orlando tonight, chris? >> reporter: iain, unfortunately, akyra murray was one of the 49 victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. she was shot in the arm according to her cousin but then left on the bathroom floor bleeding out during that shooting. well tonight we're learning more about her. she was an 18-year-old academic and athletic stand out at west catholic prep. graduating third in her class just last week by all accounts she had a promising live ahead. she actually wanted to grow up to be a crime not to get in the minds of criminals. well that life was snuffed out by a killer. to night murray's family talked about their daughter, their sister.
3:44 am
>> disbelief, um, hurt. >> me and my mom was screaming i've been shot, i'm bleeding a lot. i need to you get here now. since a kid i always pro tucked my sister mine cousins. i'm the only boy in the family always protected all my cousins my girls. >> everybody to know her just to know she was about. the loving person and trusting person she was. nobody ever for gets what she tried to accomplish in life. >> the family tells me the fbi has not even given the family clearance to look at her body. they will hopefully do that and bring her body back to philadelphia in the coming days. they do want everyone back in philadelphia to know what kind of girl she was and what kind of life she could have lead before the killer snuffed out that live. iain. >> just heartbreaking, chris. thank you. landmarks around the nation honoring the vick testimony of
3:45 am
did yesterday's deadly shooting. empire state building and other sky scrapers lit in rainbow colors n seattle a rainbow flag on the space needle lowered to half staff. the flag is on top of the attraction to mark gay ride month. she's tributes not just around the us. people around the world are coming together to show their support for the victims in orlando. >> ♪ song led this vigil of thousands in london before a moment of silence and a balloon release one for each of the victims. in paris tonight the eiffel tower lit up in rainbow colors earlier today american flags and a sea of rainbows draped on city hall. the pope's message to the u.s. centered around weapons how about easy they are to get. >> it makes no difference where arms come from. they circulate with brazen and virtually absolute freedom in
3:46 am
many parts of the world. >> take a look at this on the left the lgbt community in thailand lit candles for the victims on the right sidney' ice connick harbor bridge lit in rainbow colors. the massacre got everyone talking about lone wolf terrorists about anti gay hate crimes and about gun control. one kind of gun in particular. as fox 29's bruce gordon explains it's been used in self these mass shootings. >> reporter: at king shooter supply in king of prussia adam crouch shows me the am-15. just over 500 bucks for a base model eighths big seller. in fact -- >> what makes this america's rifle. >> one of the most popular rifles in the united states. it's also one of the most popular target rifles in the entire world. mule pell use rifle and very popular. >> reporter: scan the internet you'll find lots of youtube videos that show why. (gunfire) report. >> when you're just spraying a crowd of people, it takes no skill at all. >> reporter: john addle burger
3:47 am
trains police in this cun teen aboard. ar-veep civilian version of the m-16 that's been around for nearly a half a century holds their rounds of damaging damagig ammunition and can be fired rapidly with hill recoil. he calls it the perfect women for someone who wants to kill as people as possible as quickly as possible. >> so in terms of training and loading and reloading and firing the weapon system is a very easy to be taught in five minutes. >> reporter: which may explain why it was the rifle used by kellers in all right roar rah colorado. sandy hook elementary in connecticut. san bernardino, california and now at the pulse nightclub in orlando. variations. ar-15 were taken off the market for a decade bite so called assignment arrival band of 1994. today they are legal the to diss may have gun control advocates. >> these guns are being used for purposes for which they were designed. to kill people, and we had
3:48 am
stopped it for awhile. we need to look at stopping it again. we need to look at keeping out of these civilians hands. >> adam crouch's spots don't look at the firearm, look at the killer. >> do you blame the car for the drunk driver. >> do you blame the religion of islam for the actions of one individual of it? do you blame all those mentally unstable for the actions of a few? >> why would you blame the firearm any differently. >> is that right is that right sharon good money of cease fire predicts some kind of restrictions on the is that so salt type of -- >> in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. in delaware the department of health and social services is reaching out to members of the lgbt community in the wake of the orlando massacre. the state wants all people to reach out so they've set up a hotline in the state for anyone who needs support.
3:49 am
call 211. our coverage continues tomorrow morning on fox 29 morning news and good day philadelphia hear from a former secret service agents who trains police around the country to respond to shootings like this and the story of course still developing as new information comes out. you can fine it on our website head just head to all right. howard is here with a look at sports. >> the eagles giving away monday again. a lot of it. the eagles gave away a lot of money tonight with big signing. the most guaranteed money for a non quarterback in nfl hiv row the sixer brought only two players that could be taken with the first pick in the nba drought but the other does not appear to want to wor
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♪ the eagles giving away more money. some more big money tonight. the eagles have signed fletcher cox to a six year extension. i had never this was going to be problem even when he stayed away from voluntary mini cams. finally came in last week but they were mandatory. the numbers are reported close
3:53 am
to two months ago are the same numbers in fletcher pox's new deal. here it is. cox gets the six-year deal worth 103 million but the most important number is the guaranteed money. $63 million. it's the highest quarantined money for any defensive player and any non-quarterback in nfl hit reach fletcher cox is young. he's 25 years old. just imagine that? 63 million guaranteed. he cannot play a game he gets fifty three million bucks. the phillies still on the road for two game series in toronto after being swept in washington. now with the designated hitter in play, even howard is in the lineup. let's go to toronto. it's scoreless here in the third inning herrera a the back flip but the gets out of the wall. one to nothing file lease. good game, six shut out innings allowed three hits.
3:54 am
seventh inn with the the score one to nothing. a broken clock is right twice a day. ryan howard gets a homerun. think about that, kathy, broken clock is right twice a day. that's not ron rocket science. beau potter bourjos ground role double. phillies win it seven-zero. let's see what they do tomorrow more important. 76ers had their dog and upon knee show inviting the dog to talks to brandon ink bam gram. for the last two years the exam hinkie the then general manager had security keep the media away from the players that came for the pre draft work outs. nba draft is a week from thursday. the player i keep marrying will be the sixers pick is number one is ben salamons but there is another red flag on a player that has had a few. lsu heart and desire have been questioned either when with
3:55 am
athletic act. the sixers are having isn't issues getting simmons to come in for a work out before the draft. >> his agent has decided that that's, you know, the process that they're undertaking. >> it doesn't sound like he wants to have a workout. >> i'll tell you why don't you call rich paul and ask him. but it has nothing to do with us. nothing to do with philadelphia. the bottom line is as i said everybody goes about it a little differently. sometimes players decide to work out. sometimes they don't decide to work out. >> wait a minute. i never implied that it had to do with them. here's a guy that's already signed $100 million contract. he's going to be 20 years old in july got $100 million in the bank. it's ridiculous for guy just come in for the workout. just say hi, how you doing, have dinner with the guys. but this guy is on different planet. i don't want to talk to the agent. i want to talk to ben simmons. >> exactly. >> all right.
3:56 am
>> get him on the line. >> yeah. >> full hour of entertainment news up next tmz, dish nation, chasing news and the simpsons. we're back here for the fox 29 morning news and "gogogogogo
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outpouring of love, support and grief, this morning we're remembering victims of the tragedy in orlando. youngest a monk them a philadelphia teen who graduated from high school last week. >> my dust ingot hit, she got hit, please, please. and chilling words from a local woman held hostage at orlando nightclub shooting what the gunman said to her as she waited desperate thely to be saved. breaking overnight tragedy on the streets a woman is dead after being hit by a car, what officials say the woman was doing moments before the accident. >> good day, it is tuesday june 14th, 2016. >> so much going on, on this tuesday. lets go right to weather with sue serio and get to everything that has happened in orlando in just a minute.


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